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Simple Stocked Kitchen

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Well, we've found ourselves in a rather scary and unknown time. With the rapid spread of the virus in Japan, I find myself constantly checking to make sure that I have enough of basic ingredients in case an actual quarantine gets put into place (although that seems extremely unlikely given Japan's work culture, but who knows what the future holds).

I've compiled a list of what I keep in my kitchen at nearly all times to make sure I'm prepared during this time, as well as some home-cook style recipes for some of my favorite dishes. (So no precise measurements and a lot of throw it in a pot and call it a day.)

Now all of this based on my diet here in Japan, so it will vary person to person, region to region what is needed, but as it stands, this is what I can recommend for expats living in Japan.

Do you have any other ingredients you keep on hand or in stock? What dishes are your favorite to make?

Love Always, Laura Ann

Simple Stocked Kitchen
Download PDF • 647KB

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