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Sakuraco March 2022

Okay so, I'm really behind on writing my reviews of each month of the Sakuraco box, but I do have notes! One day I'll get them all up and written. (Maybe. We'll see. Probably. It is perpetually on my to do list lololol.)

So let's start the train rolling again with the March 2022 box. It was sakura flavors galore and full of fun snacks that could be enjoyed by just about anyone.

One thing that stood out to me in this box that I do want to mention is that I noticed a lot of items had potential peanut cross contamination. (And as someone with a sister who will in fact drop dead if she ingests too much peanuts, it really stood out to me.) This could be because there is just generally more exposure in Japanese food production and it hasn't been necessarily disclosed before, or it could be that the change of production companies.

I did really like seeing so many SakuraCo exclusive snacks. It shows that the company is growing and becoming more and more influential in what it brings to the American market.

Enough blabbling. Let's get to the scores.

Overall 10/10. Loved this box and loved the color schemes. (But then again, pink and green are my favorite colors so I'm a little biased. ;) )

Sakura Baumkuchen (Sakuraco creation)

  • Laura: 10/10

  • Theresa: 10/10

  • Edder: 9.5/10

  • Total: 29.5/30

  • Notes: Baumkuchen are the best treats ever in my opinion, and this was a perfect balance between a soft and dense cake and a sakura blossom's flavor.

Sakura Jelly (Sakuraco creation)

  • Laura: 3/10

  • Theresa: 5/10

  • Edder: 5/10

  • Total: 13/30

  • Notes: Okay, honestly, I didn't like this one at all. I thought it tasted off, but the other two were okay with the flavor. The floral sakura is very present in it.

Sakura Sweet Bread (Sakuraco creation)

  • Laura: 10/10

  • Theresa: 10/10

  • Edder: 11/10

  • Total: 31/30

  • Notes: This is also an amazing type of treat from Japan. I love to eat these sweet breads that pull apart and are fluffy like a cloud. If I could bulk buy these, I would.

Sakura Dacquoise

  • Laura: 7/10

  • Theresa: --/10

  • Edder: 7/10

  • Total: 14/20

  • Notes: Theresa didn't eat this one due to it potentially having peanut cross contamination. It was extremely sweet and very matcha/sakura blended.

Sakura Glass (Sakuraco creation)

  • Notes: So cute!!! It is a perfect size for a small glass of tea or juice for me. It's for alcohol, but I don't drink so I won't be using it for that.

Sakura Arare

  • Notes: This was sent home with the boya, since this had the biggest potential for having peanuts in it. He most likely won't have much to say about it, because he doesn't like soy sauce flavored things lolololol.

Sakura Manju

  • Laura: 10/10

  • Theresa: 1,000/10

  • Edder: 9/10

  • Total: 1,019/30

  • Notes: Theresa loves manju out of all the sweets I've shoved down her throat, so she was thrilled with this one. It was honestly the best manju I've ever had, with the blend of sweet beans and sakura filling balancing out the mild outer bread.

Gion Tsujuiri Sencha

  • Laura: 10/10

  • Theresa: 10/10

  • Edder: 10/10

  • Total: 30/30

  • Notes: So, sencha is not necessarily my favorite version of green tea. It can be a little strong for me, but this one had great balance and great softness on the pallet. I would most definitely drink this again. (We drank both of the packets already.)

Peach Jelly

  • Laura: 10/10

  • Theresa: 6/10

  • Edder: 9.5/10

  • Total: 26/30

  • Notes: This was a white peach flavor - very different from the peach flavors we have in America, so Theresa was able to enjoy it! (She hates all things fruit flavored. She's rather odd like that.) I enjoyed this one a lot and would think that it would be perfect during hanami.

Yawaraka Strawberry Cookie

  • Laura: 10/10

  • Theresa: 6/10

  • Edder: 7/10

  • Total: 23/30

  • Notes: I mentioned that Theresa doesn't like fruit, so she was just okay with the flavor of this one. It was the texture she enjoyed. Funnily, Edder was the exact opposite. The texture was like the Pillsbury cookies from the refrigerated section. I loved it. It was the sweetest strawberry flavor.

Aji Shirabe Ume Senbei

  • Laura: 3/10

  • Theresa: 4/10

  • Edder: 4/10

  • Total: 11/30

  • Notes: If you know ume, you know what the after taste of this was. Which is why we didn't necessarily enjoy this one as much.

Shizuoka Green Tea Cookie

  • Laura: 10/10

  • Theresa: 7/10

  • Edder: 5/10

  • Total: 22/30

  • Notes: Really crisp and dry, perfect for drinking with tea. Sweet but mild green tea flavor.

Gion no Sato Matcha Cookie

  • Laura: 10/10

  • Theresa: 10/10

  • Edder: 9/10

  • Total: 29/30

  • Notes: Yum yum. Rolled cookie with a soft cream filling!

Spring Senbei

  • Laura: 9/10

  • Theresa: 8.5/10

  • Edder: 6/10

  • Total: 23.5/30

  • Notes: I love sembei, so this was a favorite for me. It was rather thick and difficult to bite down, but it was good overall.

Nobunaga Shrimp & Red Wine Senbei

  • Laura: 3/10

  • Theresa: 9/10

  • Edder: 9/10

  • Total: 21/30

  • Notes: I don't like alcohol, and the first taste of this to me was church wine, so I quickly bounced. Edder and Theresa didn't think that the red wine flavor was very strong at all, so they liked it.

Over all thoughts - This box hit it way out of the park for me. I loved nearly all of it, even the sencha tea, which I normally don't enjoy. The April 2022 box is also sakura themed, so we'll see how it compares to this one.

Did you try any of these? Are there any you would like to try?

Love always,

Laura Ann

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