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I am a rookie photographer, but hey, if I can capture a little bit of beauty why not give a go!

Hirosaki Castle in Winter
Illuminations Outside Noshiro City Hall
Winter Sunset
Namahage Path
Filtered Light
Rushing Waters
Mountains in the Distance
Towada Hotel Main Room
Lake Towada Fall Colors
Colors of Kakunodate
Chuson-ji at Night
Unshonji Friends
Godzilla at Dusk
Up the Mountainside
Standstill Float.JPG
Colorful Bench
Beginnings of Blossoms
Finding a Way to Bloom
Festival Goers Pull Float
Colors of Sendai
Akigami Shrine
Glorious Gin
Hanako and Fields
Inukko Festival
Lakeside Tori
Golden Temple
Namahage Taiko
Liondog Guard
Old Mining Building
Remnants of Nuns
Rice Field Art
Sake Offerings
Scattered Red
Hidden Brooke
Small Town Greeters
Skyline of Bamboo
Zen Garden
Towada Shrine
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