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Ulta WandaVision Collection

Just as many of you probably have, I loved the Disney+ Marvel series WandaVision. I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love with the characters of the series.

I wasn't too up on the whole makeup scene, so I was so surprised when I went into Ulta to pick up a BH Cosmetic pallet to see a big end cap with WANDAVISION on the top. Ulta had released a makeup collection of it! I picked up the parts that I would use (I chose to not get all of it due to not wanting to buy make up that would just sit on my vanity), and quickly rushed home to play with it.

If you want my first impressions of it, check out my YouTube video on the collection.

Sadly, by the point that I realized this was a thing, most of the items were sold out. I went to three Ultas to pick up what I wanted, and some of it is available on their website (although maybe not for long). However each Ulta might have different options available, so if you're interested, I suggest calling around and seeing if they have any available.

So what is the theme of this collection? It is different makeup items inspired by different makeup trends over the decades the show takes place. (So minor spoiler warning? The show takes place over multiple decades?). Each item has a little blurb on the packaging, which I will include below with my opinions on the products. Not all of them were hits out the park for me personally, but I still enjoy them.

They are pretty red packages, if nothing else.

What I Got:

WandaVision 5 Piece Brush Set & Cosmetic Bag (Retail $28.00)


  • Powder Brush

  • Stippling Brush

  • Concealer Brush

  • Blending Shadow Brush

  • Cosmetic Bag

  • ***Pictured but not included Brow Spoolie & Brush. Big oof on my part.***

Personally for me this is a big price point for 5 brushes and a little cosmetic bag. I wasn't very thrilled with the bag quality. It is white on the inside so will be quick to get dirty. I will most likely use it for something besides makeup brushes. The brushes honestly nice synthetic quality and very soft. They get the job done, but at this price point, I think you have to be wanting the novelty of the WandaVision collection.

WandaVision Eye Shadow Palette Vault (Retail $20.00)

Three 6-pan eye shadow palettes make up this collection that costs a total of $20.00. For that price point, I personally am very happy with these eye shadows. Let's break down my thoughts on each one separately.

Palette 1: 50s and 60s

"Step back into the 50s and 60s with this nifty palette that features cool toned matte shades."

This is the pallet I think I will get the most use out of, as it is neutral and the shades are very complimentary on my skin tone. I love the pop of gold that Charmed brings. I do love to do vintage looks in my everyday, especially when I have to wear a suit. I think it is very flattering. All of these shades had a nice pigment payoff, and the kick back isn't that bad. I will use this pallet with others in my collection to get blending shades.

Palette 2: 70s

"Dance your way into the 70s with this groovy palette that features bronze shimmers with a pop of purple."

I'm torn on this one. Batty (the shade in the bottom left) is not great. At all. I couldn't get any payoff on it, no matter what I did. I tried scraping off the top layer and getting to the underneath, but it was still splotchy and not good. It's a shame too. It looks like it could have been a great color to play with. The other colors in the pallet are awesome and rich in color, so I may have gotten an off pallet. Who knows?

I do enjoy this pallet a lot over all. It has the bronze and shimmers that I am drawn to, and that purple! Enchanted I sure am!

Palette 3: 80s and 90s

"You'll be totally rad when you use this 80s and 90s palette that features fun vibrant colors in tones of blues with pops of pink and silver."

This is the biggest statement pallet of the three. The black, Supernatural, comes across more gray and blends out into a very sheer color, but that can be a great effect for a smoky eye or for darkening up the lash line (although the glitter may not be the best for the lash line). The blues are stunning and make a big statement on the eye as well. I love the looks that can be created with this pallet and I think it's going to serve me well for playing around with looks. I mean, look at that pink.

WandaVision Brow Kit (Retail $16.00)

"Achieve the Picture-Prefect brow-look that gained popularity in the 50s and 60s with this kit."


  • Clear Brow Gel

  • Dual Ended Brow Pencil (In Taupe & Dark Brown)

  • Brow Spoolie & Brush

  • Brow Highlight Pencil

This kit is very much for brown or dark blonde eyebrows. I will get use out of it, because I bought it, but the pencil doesn't fit many different hair colors. I thought that was an interesting choice, as certainly, there wasn't only 2 color of eyebrows in the 50s and 60s, right?