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Sakuraco March Review

Sakuraco is a new subscription box from the same company as TokyoTreat and JapanHaul. It started up in March, and starts at $37.50 per month. You can buy sets for better deals, but if it is something you just want to try out for the first time, you can.

I bought a six month subscription right away, as they do accept PayPal, so I could use PayPal Credit on the purchase. It was quick to ship and arrived in great condition. They use DHL, so if you have signed up for text alerts, you will be told when the package is about to arrive.

It arrived in great condition and bubbled wrapped on the outside. The actual box was super cute and great to open. I do have a YouTube video of my unboxing/first impressions of this box available.

So let's talk about the treats inside.

As someone who lived in Japan for two years, I was intrigued by this box over the TokyoTreat box because it has more traditional style snacks and none of the gimmick snacks that are often popular outside Japan. Don't get me wrong, I love the fun snacks and treats that you can find at grocery stores, the odd flavored cokes, and the candies that you create on your own, but I wanted a sense of familiarity of traditional snacks I used to get as omiyage in Japan.

And this box sure delivered that feeling.

It has a wide variety of snacks to munch on throughout the week, or enjoy with tea. This month's theme was Hanami, or Sakura Blossom Viewing, so it had many sakura flavored treats, along with some strawberry ones. I was very pleased with the variety as well as the flavors offered in this box.

Red Bean Taiyaki

A Sakuraco exclusive, this is a classic treat that I used to get on the street or the local food court. While it is not crispy like a freshly made one, it is still a great treat to enjoy.

Okayama White Peach Castella

From Okayama Prefecture, a soft a delicious cake that perfect for tea.

Uji Matcha Castella

Also from Okayama, a green tea lover's perfect cake.

Strawberry Castella

More like a sandwich style cake, but still an awesome little treat to enjoy with coffee or tea!

Yoshino Kuzumochi

A super duper classic traditionally Japanese sweet! I am most excited to enjoy this one.

Peach Sandwich

Although it contained traces of alcohol, my allergic self didn't notice it much, but I really love the soft crust formed on the outside.

Strawberry Dorayaki

Dorayaki is a favorite treat of mine, and I love strawberries, so this one hit it out the park for me!

Sweet Sakura Tea

A tea that I have seen in many locations in Japan, but still awesome. I loved that it had actual sakura blossoms in them and I could use them again! I will definitely have to pick up a box next time I see one!

Sakura Madeleine

Great treat to enjoy with a drink, as it was a little on the dryer side.

Sakura Strawberry Crepe Roll

You can most definitely taste the sweet and floral sakura in this crepe. Although it came to me a little more than banged up, I liked being able to snack on little bits of it to savor the flavors.

Sakura Konpeito

The first to go of this whole box, they are sugar flowers. Most delicious!

RN Sakura Mochi Monaka

I am excited to enjoy this with some tea, although I haven't worked up the courage to open the cute package quite yet.

Blooming Sakura Mini Plate

It's a mini plate to add to my collection of plates. 10/10 in my book!

Sakura Monaka

This one I am going to share with my sister with some green tea, for sure!

Sakurasen Cracker

I have to admit I wasn't too in love with this one. It was very unique in its flavor, and I'm glad that I tried it, but I can't say I would eat it again. However, my sister did enjoy the squid flavor.

Mini Sakura Senbei

I love senbei so I'm all over this one.

Sakura Shrimp Senbi

This was a favorite for me! I would eat many more of these.

Overall, I loved this box. I really loved the booklet that it came with, and the information that was shared with it. Personally, if you are a tea/snack lover, I would check this box out if you want to try new things.

Is there a subscription box that you like?

Love always,

Laura Ann

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