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Give Adventure a Go

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

As I set up social media for this blog account and try to make it so that I am invested in this more than I have been in previous attempts, I realize something. I ought to be grateful that I have the time, energy, and resources to give this adventure a go.

While I do admit there are days I'm ready to give it all up and walk away, I try to always keep it in my mind that I am lucky to have been able to take a great leap of faith and move halfway around the world and start a brand new career. I am lucky to have been able to just say, "Well, I'm going to try!" and do it.

There are days when the beck and call of former familiarity eats at me, and I desire to go back to what I know.

But I wasn't truly happy there and the last thing I want to do is toss myself back for the sake of knowing what was next.

What's the point of knowing what's coming if I know it's disappointment?

I'm not saying that I regret what I did before; I'm saying that it wasn't sustainable. I wasn't excited to work each day, and I certainly spent an absorbingly large amount of time planning my next move. Now I have made my next move, I need to make sure I make the most out of it.

Everyone's version of an adventure is different, just like everyone's definition of success varies greatly from person to person. There is nothing wrong with one person's adventure being a daily activity for a different person. Just like there is nothing wrong with celebrating the great success of completing weekly chores!

I'm promising myself from here on out that I am going to give adventure a go, no matter where it may come from. Maybe it's going to a different grocery store and trying to find ingredients for a new recipe. Or maybe it's finding my way up into the mountains again where I first lost my heart to the beauty of nature.

I want to share all that I learn and all that I have grown from here. I want to be able to look back on my time and remember that there was so much adventure to be had as soon as I seized the opportunity.

I sincerely hope you come along with me, and perhaps laugh with me as I recall my awkward and uncomfortable situations, share my excitement at my new and awe-inspiring discoveries, and smile as I find a small joy in everyday life.

Adventure is out there. We just have to give it a go.

Love always,

Laura Ann

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